Well, where did the summer go?

It seemed to flash by in a blur didn’t it? I can’t believe we’re already into September and already saying goodbye to summer 2019, before we know it we’ll be getting bombarded with Christmas adverts!!!

I think theres a very real danger that we can live life in that never ending cycle, going from one thing to the next, simply waiting for the next season or event. Whilst that’s natural, it’s also sad because the danger is we can miss out on all that is taking place in the current moment.

We’ve just returned from our annual summer holiday to France, this is the sixth year that we’ve been fortunate enough to go with my brother and his family. We love it! The children are in their element enjoying time with their cousins and enjoying the freedom of the campsite with all its amazing facilities (especially the water park!) and there is some truth to the frequently used statement, ‘if the children are happy, then I’m happy’.  The weather was very kind and Nikki and I were able to enjoy plenty of time to relax, sunbathe and read a book (or 3) and to be able to spend some quality time together as a family.  Its something that I was looking forward to for a couple of months before, literally counting the days.

Sadly, its over before you know it and its back to reality. As we enter into September and the schools return- its back to reality. As things begin to pick up again – its back to reality. I was looking at Facebook the other day and it was filled with peoples comments dreading going back to work -dreading going back to reality!

I can understand these feelings, I’m sure we’ve all experienced them. The fear of getting back on the treadmill and you won’t be able to get off until the next big event which might be Christmas, then Easter, then Summer again. Living in this cycle is a reality but its sad, because we can miss out on so much in the moment.

This September, I am going to try and look at things a little differently, attempting to be more present ‘in the moment’, not thinking ahead to the next thing before the current thing has finished. I’m going to be more intentional about enjoying the moment, whether that’s a conversation with someone, a walk in the park or writing a magazine letter! Time is precious and God gives us this life to enjoy. He gives us every moment, whether it’s the amazing holiday or the ‘mundane’ day at work. As Christians we believe that God is with us, that means He is present in every moment of our lives! So this September I am going to be more intentional about looking for signs of Him in those moments. I’m going to be more intentional about seeing things as a blessing from Him. You never know it might completely change the way we think about life, it might mean we begin to see things from a Godly perspective rather a human one. We might begin to then start living life to the full as Jesus wanted us to.  John 10:10 ‘I have come that they may have life and have it to the full’.

Can I encourage you to do the same? To spend more time engaging with God and seeing life as a blessing from Him, one to be cherished and to be enjoyed. Yes, there will be moments that are hard, some that are difficult to bear, but lets look for what God is doing in those and lets hold on to the truth that God is with is in them. Lets not allow time to simply move on as we wait for the next thing, lets focus on the present and count it as blessing from God. Then with this change of mindset, lets allow ourselves to be a blessing to others, that they may see Jesus in us.

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