Picture1 ‘What if…?’

What if God exists?

What if Jesus died for me?

What if there’s life after death?

What if I read the bible?

What if I become a Christian?

“For me the ‘what if’ course was a fantastic opportunity to further explore my journey of faith in an environment that was extremely informal and relaxed. I was also genuinely inspired by others and made new friends along the way” (Cathy)

If these are questions you’re asking, the ‘What if…?’ course is for you. Our next ‘What if…?’ course Starts in September 2019, this 5 week course looks at the big ‘what if?’ questions.

“The What if?’ course strikes a great balance of being laid back and friendly, but at the same time challenging enough to explore some big questions. It was both enlightening and enjoyable and is highly recommended for those wanting to look a little deeper!”  (Rob)

The course takes place at the Liverpool Cricket Club on Aigburth Road on Thursday evenings commencing at 7pm. We enjoy a hot meal together, followed by a short talk on the weekly theme before splitting into small groups for discussion around the weekly ‘What if?’ question. The evening will finish by 9pm.

Week 1: What if God exists?   Thursday 5th September 7pm

Week 2: What if Jesus died for me?  Thursday 12th September 7pm

Week 3: What if death is not the end?    Thursday 19th September 7pm 

Week 4: What if I read the bible?   Thursday 26th September 7pm

Week 5 What if I became a Christian?    Thursday 3rd October 7pm

The course will also include a Saturday morning (28th September)  commencing at 9.30am finishing at 1.30pm. (Venue: St. Michaels Garston) The focus of this day will be;

  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • What does the Holy Spirit do?
  • How to be filled with the Holy Spirit?

The course is completely free, so come and join us in what will be a relaxed and friendly atmosphere as we explore together ‘What if…’

‘The venue was perfect for me and the food was delicious. I feel privileged that i had the opportunity to attend the course.
There was a great atmosphere every week! I have made some new friends and have loved enhancing my knowledge on the Christian faith. The course has most definitely helped me to grow in my own faith and I can genuinely say my spiritual connection has grown with each week of the course. I’m embracing being on my spiritual journey and I am very excited to continue growing in my faith.’ (Louise)

If you would like to take part in this course please contact Rev. Ian Greenwood to book your place.

What others have said:

“The course was a great opportunity to develop both friendship and fellowship with others.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your faith as the course has something for everyone. It can bring you to faith, answer any questions or nagging doubts you might have or perhaps it will just help you to develop and strengthen your faith. I enjoyed the opportunity to talk freely and just to listen to others discuss their ideas, opinions, and experiences in small groups. The food was also excellent! (Janette)
“I really enjoyed it and felt it was a great chance to share views about Christianity and general day to day life with a variety of people from all sorts of backgrounds, who have a common thirst for more knowledge on the issues that were raised and it was interesting to hear their personal stories.  I feel the course enhanced my knowledge on certain areas of Christianity and it was clear that it wasn’t just a ‘share’ group, there was an actual feeling of fellowship amongst us, with people who have similar questions and thoughts.I can say from a personal point of view, the course made me feel more in touch with my faith and gave me a more positive outlook on my life, feeling more fulfilled and able to focus more on what really matters and too not get as hung up on trivial things. Lastly I would just say to anybody debating whether to give the course a go that you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain! 2 hours a week is not a great deal of time to give up so go for it and get involved- you’ll be glad you did!” (Graham)