This months letter is slightly different to the normal format, in it I will outline the major focus that we face as a church in the coming few years.

You will be aware that for just over two years we have been working on a church re-ordering project, entitled ‘Space2Grow’. (The clue is in the name!) This project will provide us with a building that has flexible, usable space, it will include a double tier (hence ‘2’) towards the west end of church providing functional meeting space, appropriate kitchen, toilet facilities and a welcoming entrance. Once finished we will have a building that enables our church to truly grow in its ministry in many and varied ways. It will provide a building within the community like no other, that has the potential to be a focal point for the people of Aigburth. It is crucial to our mission that we have a building fit for purpose, which is warm, comfortable and usable whilst remaining sympathetic to the beauty and heritage of our beloved Church building.

Over the past 2 years plenty of work has taken place. There have been numerous meetings with various societies that have an invested interest. (eg. Heritage England, Victorian Society, Georgian Society, Church Building Council, the DAC etc etc). We have liaised with the various users of the church and the wider community for their input and ideas. We have presented our plans/ideas to various groups and have raised the £40,000 needed to pay for detailed Architect plans to be drawn up. (these are viewable on the church website and in church).

We have now officially sent off our application for a ‘faculty’ (permission to carry out the work).

In the meantime we now need to focus our attention on raising the money needed to complete the project. The figure we need to raise is £750,000.

There are a number of ways which we aim to reach this target:

1.We will be actively applying for large scale grants.

2.We will be pursuing links with local businesses who may wish to sponsor/support this worthwhile cause.

3.We are developing an active fundraising campaign, both locally and wider.

4.We are also reaching out into the parish and seeking the support of local residents.

St. Anne’s is ‘your’ church, it has served the community of Aigburth for over 180 years being an integral part of so many peoples lives. It has stood firm through two world wars and throughout this time has been faithful in proclaiming God’s message of love and salvation. It is now our responsibility to ensure that ‘our’ church continues to do so in the years to come. To ensure that our children have a place they can turn to, where people can come for baptism, for marriage and to celebrate the life of a loved one but ultimately a place to worship God.  With this in mind, we are asking everyone to prayerfully consider how they can give to this amazing project. I urge you to look at this as part of your legacy for years to come

At the bottom of this page you will find a link to a pledge form. This enables you to choose what you can give over a set period of time, either monthly or as one off donations. These forms are readily available in church, or alternatively simply cut out the form on the next page and return it to: Rev. Ian Greenwood, 389 Aigburth Road, Liverpool L17 6BH. And we will be in touch with you.

As we consider this amazing project we are mindful of the huge undertaking it is. We believe in a God of miracles and that if this is God’s will for his Church in Aigburth (which we believe it is) then through the grace of God it will succeed. Please do consider joining with us and playing your part. As we think about what we can give, scripture reminds us that all we have comes from God, and therefore we are called to give back to him joyfully, not grudgingly, out of the riches that he has given us.

I am mindful of the greatest verse in the bible, John 3:16: ‘God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only son so that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life’. Simply put – Because God loved us so much, He GAVE everything – the best he could – and it cost him everything! What can you give to him?

Can I take this opportunity to thank you for your help and support with this project. Can I also ask that you join with us in our ‘Space2Grow’ prayer;

 Dear Lord, We give thanks for Your goodness. We pray for Your guidance, wisdom and provision as we  embark on this exciting new project  ‘Space2Grow’ .Give us courage to step out in faith, a boldness to give and a hunger to see Your church  transformed, that St. Anne’s will truly be a ‘Space 2 Grow’ in faith!   Amen


Pledge form

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