I always look forward to the months of July/August  mainly because it means that this is the Summer holiday season!!! And I love summer holidays! I think there is something so special and so important about taking a break – for so many reasons that if I tried to start writing about them, I’d fill up this entire blog slot!

I’m sure like me, you can think back to holidays in the past, perhaps in this country or further afield. They are often filled with happy memories aren’t they? I don’t know about you, but when I think back to holidays as a child, I don’t remember the days sitting in the caravan waiting for the rain to pass, instead I remember what felt like endless days of sunshine, playing on the beach, surfing the waves, building huge sand castles, which eventually became greater feats of engineering in the form of sand cars and boats, visiting amazing places that seemed to carry adventure at every opportunity! I also remember eating copious amounts of Cornish Clotted Cream Ice creams!!! (I still love it today!)

It’s good to look back and reflect on these times. They are the memories that last, they’re the things that shape us and leave lasting impressions on our lives. I suppose it’s no coincidence that now, as a father myself, I often take my children to the places I visited, I do the things with my children that my Dad did with me. Thinking about it, it’s funny that as I become a little older, I see more of my Dad in me. But really that shouldn’t surprise me should it? After all, I have his DNA running through my veins.

I also have God’s DNA running through my veins, we all do! You see we are made in His image. And just as we carry a family likeness, we should, if we take our Christian faith seriously reflect God’s likeness in our lives. Throughout the past two months we have been focussing on the ‘Fruits of the Spirit’ in our preaching series. These fruits are the characteristics of God’s Spirit living in us, they are the visible signs that God is at work in our lives, shaping us and changing us as we give ourselves to him. The more time we spend in His presence, the more we are shaped and changed by Him and the more we begin to reflect him. How amazing is that?

So this holiday season, why not use the holidays for a couple of things. Firstly, enjoy a well-earned break! After all it’s a biblical principle –  after working hard for 6 days even God rested on the seventh day! Rest is a Godly discipline that we all need to learn!

Secondly, why not use the time to rest in God’s presence. Why not make it a conscious decision this holiday season to make time to read your bible, set yourself a goal, maybe to read the whole of Marks Gospel, maybe to spend time in prayer everyday, maybe to read that Christian book you’ve been meaning to read for a long time. While you have a bit of time, can I encourage you to spend time engaging with God and as you do, be aware that God is at work in your life shaping and changing you. Look for signs of Him in your life –  you have his DNA running through you!

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