I don’t know about you, but I love the summer, I love the relaxing feel that the light nights bring. I also love the opportunity to spend a well-earned break with the family.

Rest is part of God’s plan of creation. He worked hard for six days, yet on the seventh day he rested. He intended for us to follow that plan. It is good for us to work hard, it provides us with discipline, routine and way of life that is healthy for us, it enables us to have a role in society as well as obviously providing for ourselves and those we love.

As a church we have been working hard over these past 12 months. Last September saw the launch of our new services, on the whole these have been very well received and we look forward to growing and developing our worship after the summer break. We have seen the development of a new worship group, (and we are always looking for new people (singers or musicians) to join us). Our new crèche is going from strength to strength.

Our church social program is now becoming well established and more people are attending. Over 30 adults and 20 children attended the Picnic at Otterspool, over 50 people attended the Vicarage Garden party. There is a deepening fellowship that is growing out of spending time together, having fun together and ‘being’ the church in alternative ways. We are looking forward to our outdoor service and BBQ in July and the Barn Dance in October!

Last October we welcomed the Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir to St. Anne’s. This was the first time the choir had ventured into Liverpool, what an amazing night it was for all who attended. The good news is they are coming back on Thursday October 22nd!

Whilst on the subject of musical concerts, this year also saw the return of Angelic Voices, again what a privilege to be there! We look forward to their return next year!

We have seen the development of a new men’s ministry, the first outing being a trip to Otterspool Adventure Centre, followed by a sun soaked walk in the lakes! Not to be outdone, the ladies also set out on an evening of good food at the local Toby carvery, over 40 ladies attended!!!

In March we launched our new pastoral Care team, with the aim of providing Christian love and care to those in the parish who need a visit at home/hospital and for those receiving Communion at home.

June saw the launch of our new youth group for young people aged 12 plus, this is a really exciting development and offers a place within the life of the church for our older young people. They too are heading off to Otterspool Adventure Centre for a day out in July!

Our Sunday School also saw a number of new leaders join the existing team of amazing volunteers who give of their time every Sunday to work with the young people in our church.

June also saw the launch of our brand new Website, this is an amazing new resource and often the first port of call for people wanting to find out about St. Anne’s. A lot of work has gone into designing the new site if you’ve not already seen it, please do visit www.stannesaigburth.com. Also on the subject of technology we now have a facebook and twitter page, again have a look for regular updates and reminders.

Housegroups were launched in February, we now offer a daytime group and an evening group, the groups meet fortnightly and spend time going over the sermon materials. All those involved are really enjoying the sessions. Why not give it a go?

A new prayer meeting was launched earlier in the year, we meet every Tuesday between 10- 10.30 for half an hour of prayer. What a wonderful privilege to start the day in God’s presence, do come and join us!

Throughout the year we have been working hard behind the scenes on lots of administration, this includes updating many policies and procedures. With new Safeguarding, Child protection and vulnerable adults policies now being implemented.

Throughout the months of April and May, as a church we completed a ‘Giving in Grace’ stewardship campaign, during which every member of the church was asked to think about their financial support to St. Anne’s. If you haven’t done so yet, or you have simply forgotten to send in your return, please be assured, its not too late. We value your support hugely!

This is just a snippet of the things that have been happening since last summer. As you can see its been a busy time. However, as I said at the beginning of this letter, rest is also part of God’s plan for us. So we head into the summer period, a time of rest and an opportunity to recharge our batteries, to refresh ourselves and to be ready to do it all again as we come back refreshed in September.

If you are going away on holiday, I pray you have a wonderful time, if you are resting at home, I pray you enjoy the peace and quiet. Whatever you are doing, I pray that you will know God’s presence and his peace.

Finally, please remember the during the holiday period, whilst we may be relaxing, God never takes a break from us. So do please continue to come and worship him at St. Anne’s, our services will continue as normal. Its important to continue to spend time together and to spend time with Him.


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