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Welcome to St. Anne's, Aigburth!                           --------------------------------------------------

Sundays:  9.15am Holy Communion 11.00am All Age Worship

Wednesdays  10.30am Holy Communion


Priest in Charge: Reverend Ian Greenwood

Vicarage: 389 Aigburth Road (opposite the church)

Reader: Ms Ruth Anders

Church Wardens: Mrs Joan Watson and Mr Ken Dewsnap

We welcome those of any age who wish to worship in a friendly atmosphere! 

Can you pray for those people who annoy you? For those people who you don’t like? People who you find irritating, who you find a problem? Not only pray for them but can you pray for God’s blessing to fall upon them? That is a real challenge but if you can do that something amazing happens. Jesus changes the whole situation around, he changes your heart, your feelings towards that person soften and begin to change through the power of prayer and it is from that point that things begin to change. Find out more in Ian's sermon on 24/11/13! 

The Parable of the Good Samaritan: this is so apt in today’s world. We live in a multi cultural society, in a world where so many have in built feelings of hatred against others of different ethnic backgrounds, religious backgrounds and scenes of violence are being carried out on our doorsteps. What this parable is saying to us is how we should treat others of different ethnic backgrounds or religious backgrounds... Find out more in Ian's 14/07/13 sermon! 

'Has your life been transformed by Jesus? Invite Him into your life as Lord and Saviour because when you do that you will be transformed into a new person. Jesus has the authority to do that.' Find out more in Ian Greenwood's sermon!


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